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The digital marketing industry has created many new jobs which did not exist 10 years ago. This article lists some of the popular jobs in the industry.


Digital marketing can be defined as the marketing of services or products on digital media. Types of digital media include websites, social media platforms and emails. Digital media is displayed on devices that have Internet access such as mobile phones, laptops and computers. Here are some key jobs in the digital marketing industry.
Digital Marketing Manager
A digital marketing manager works side by side with C-level positions in a company to discuss and execute a number of marketing initiatives in order to achieve certain objectives. A digital marketing manager is responsible for creating effective marketing strategies to increase traffic to the company’s website and increase awareness of a product online, leading to increased engagement and ultimately sales for the company. These managers have to be familiar with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing. Digital marketing managers are tasked with collecting and evaluating data analytics as well as competitors’ statistics. The more specific job responsibilities of a digital marketing manager vary according to industry.
Analytics Manager
The main responsibilities of an analytics manager revolve around data analysis and reporting. Other than leading a team of data analysts, an analytics manager is in charge of developing ways to analyse and report data effectively. They have to make sure that all data, facts and figures are accurate in order to maintain reports of the highest quality. The analytics team have to extract data from a few sources in the company such as operations and customer service. From there, they have to compile the data into reports that are informative, concise and easy to understand. These reports will help the company create more effective marketing strategies and make better business decisions.
Social Media Manager
Social media managers are tasked with managing the social media pages of their companies. Most companies have social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to increase awareness, reach more people, and boost sales. A social media manager creates relevant and effective content on various social media channels which are in line with the company’s products or events. They also have to plan and carry out marketing campaigns, manage publishing schedules and communicate with followers on social media pages. Social media managers also have to keep track of audiences, likes and post clicks. They have to analyse these figures and see whether they meet the targets and objectives set by the company.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Manager
SEO Managers are also known as SEO Analysts or SEO Specialists. They conduct keyword research to find out the popular keywords related to their industry used in search engines such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Using the keywords found, SEO managers brainstorm and implement effective SEO strategies to drive more traffic to their company’s website. Those keywords are used in website content so that it becomes more visible on the results page when people click ‘Search’. SEO managers also need to collect data and report on website traffic, page ranking and other SEO related issues.
Job opportunities in the industry have increased tremendously as there are now many digital marketing agencies in Malaysia. Individuals with undergraduate degrees in Mass Communications, Business, Marketing, Design and Journalism are sought after in the digital marketing industry. Other important jobs in digital marketing include web designers, copywriters and sales executives.

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