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The hospitality and tourism industries go hand in hand. Here are some popular jobs in hospitality and tourism.

The tourism industry depends on hospitality services to make sure travellers have the best experience during their holiday. There are many higher education institutions that offer diploma and degree programmes in hospitality and tourism.
Here are a few positions that graduates of hospitality and tourism may consider.
Hotel Manager

Hotel managers are in charge of the day-to-day operations and management of a hotel and its staff. They have a long list of responsibilities that involves customer service, management, financial planning and marketing. Hotel managers ensure a hotel’s expenditure is within budget and financial plans, set realistic sales and profit targets, and maintain financial records. In addition, they are responsible for recruiting, training and monitoring hotel staff. They also have to come up with ways to promote and market the hotel. Most importantly, hotel managers meet and greet hotel guests on a daily basis and have to attend to their needs the best they can.
Travel Agent

Travel agents represent agencies that create holiday packages and provide consultation services to their customers. They are tasked with giving useful and practical advice to customers on when and where to travel based on their interests and budget. Once a package is booked, travel agents have to arrange flights, insurance and accommodation. They are also responsible for collecting and processing payments as well as handling any complaints or refunds. Travel agents work closely with customers, keeping them up to date with their travel arrangements, flight details and other related matters. In addition, travel agents also act as sales agents to promote the services of the agency they work for.
Tour Guide

Tour guides represent the tour operator or travel agency they work to accompany groups on their holidays and ensure their travel arrangements run smoothly. Holidaymakers who have booked holiday tours will meet tour guides at the starting point of their journey. The tour guides will check tickets, seat allocations and any special requirements needed. At the holiday destination, tour guides assist their customers with checking-in at their hotels and brief them on the itinerary of their trip. This includes arrival and departure times, and ensuring all members of the tour group are gathered at the same place before moving to the next destination.
Event Manager

Event managers have the responsibility to see through an event from start to finish. This includes the planning process, running the event itself and post-event analysis. The types of events put together by event managers include conferences, exhibitions, cultural events, weddings and fundraising events. Event managers work closely with clients to find out what they want and propose ideas from there. They liaise with suppliers and contractors as well as research suitable venues. They also have to make sure that the event runs smoothly and within budget. Event managers may find employment in exhibition centres, hotels, commercial organisations, public attractions, universities and charities. They can also work on a freelance basis.
Those who work in hospitality and tourism strive to create the vacations of others seamless and memorable. Those who want a job that allows them to meet new people, has flexible working hours and does not confine them to an office, should consider a career in hospitality and tourism.

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