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This article provides an overview of vocational training in Malaysia.


What is Vocational Training?
Vocational training, also known as Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), consists of formal and informal learning that teaches young people basic to advanced skills in a number of industries and work settings. In Malaysia, TVET programmes are offered at certificate, diploma and advanced diploma levels by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Where is Vocational Training Offered?
Vocational courses are offered by community colleges, polytechnics, and universities through the Malaysia Technical University Network (MTUN). Currently, there are over 1,000 institutions which offer vocational education in Malaysia.
What are the Entry Requirements?
For work-based learning in community colleges, individuals are required to pass SPM with one credit. Those who are interested in pursuing vocational courses at diploma level need to pass SPM with three to six credits. A certificate in vocational training takes two years to complete where as a diploma can take up to four years to complete.
What are the Types of Vocational Training?
Vocational training prepares individuals to become technicians and technical assistants in various fields. Polytechnics generally provide training in engineering, commercial and service sectors. On the other hand, community colleges and universities offer courses in wide range of fields such as business, health science, hospitality & tourism and information technology. Individuals can opt to study short courses as well in the areas such as beauty therapy, nutrition and automotive engineering.
Who Should Study Vocational Training?
Vocational training is suited for those who prefer hands-on learning. Also, individuals who wish to enter the workforce as soon as possible can enrol in vocational courses. This is because vocational courses teach practical skills pertaining to a specific industry. Vocational courses are also flexible, shorter and affordable.

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