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Baking & Culinary Arts

Background Culinary arts encompass the broad world of food and produce from start to finish. Those who wish to study culinary arts will learn everything that goes into the preparation, presentation, and cooking of various types of meals.
Academic pathway Overview: Focus heavily on honing culinary skills, expanding food knowledge, and being familiar with the ins and outs of food production.

Types of Degrees: Introduction to Pastry and Bakery, Fundamentals of Food and Beverage, and Plated Desserts and Artistic Skills.

Internship: Some degree programmes require students to carry out internship placements at restaurants or cafes.

Duration: 3 years

Skills You Need · Loves and appreciates all things related to food and beverage

· Good communication skills

· Technical and cooking skills

· Good time management skills

· Be organised

· Good problem-solving skills

Be creative

Job opportunities Employers: A variety of companies and private business such as hotels, convention centres, restaurants, cafes, fast food chains, and hypermarket chains.

Positions: Chef-de-cuisine, sous chef, pastry chef, restaurant manager, banquet manager, food stylists, food critics, purchasing managers, and cost control managers

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