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Architecture & Building

Background Architecture is a field which involves creativity, design, physics, and mathematics. Architects not only produce the design for the building, they also oversee the entire construction process.
Academic pathway Overview: Students should prepare for academically challenging and technical subjects, revolving around the elements needed to put a structure together. From sketching and 3D modelling to history and sustainable design, you will also learn about the lesser known cultural, and economic aspects of architecture.

Subjects: Building Materials, Design Communication, Building Technology, Project Management, Computer Applications

Duration: 3 years 

Skills You Need · Strong mathematical skills

· Creativity and an eye for design

· Designing and drawing skills

· Analytical and logical

· Methodical and logical

· Communication skills

Job opportunities Employers: Accountancy firms, banks, insurance companies, MNCs, SMEs, etc.

Positions: Architectural Model Specialist, Architectural Photographer

Architectural Structure Specialist,

Assistant Architect, Computer-Aided Design / 3D Visualiser,

Interior Designer / Interior Architect

* All fees are subject to change.