Participants at the ACCA Talent Development Workshop with their mock up model that builds an ACCA City of Tomorrow. It is an activity that was created for students to test their skills in coming up with a concept to build a sustainable city that reflects the 7 quotient.

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Malaysia organised its first Talent Development Workshop for ACCA Students in their final year.
The two-part workshop that was held on 2-4 November 2017 (Session 1) and 10-11 November 2017 (Session 2) was conducted by former C-level global finance and industry experts with over 30 years of corporate experience. They shared their corporate expertise and insights designed to help undergraduate students boost their chances of employment.
Forty undergraduate students were selected to attend the workshop after a six step evaluation process by ACCA and the Program Facilitator.
Boonsiri Somchit Ong, Partner and Co-Founder of Xtrategize shares “This was an exceptional opportunity for the ACCA students to gain insights on how best to develop their careers.”
“When we first interviewed the students, many lacked self-confidence and the ability to express themselves properly. However, after spending five days with them in the workshop, they have grown in confidence when they speak, are motivated when given a task and show willingness to learn and accept feedback.”
“We believe that the extra mile ACCA has taken in arranging these workshops will pay dividends in helping them move forward in their careers.”
Edward Ling, Acting Head of ACCA Malaysia says, “The workforce is getting increasingly complex with globalisation, digital technology, regulatory pressure and social expectation. Hence, the workshop was designed to equip ACCA graduates with the right mindsets, attitudes and to prepare them to meet the challenges that will be facing them when they enter the workforce as ACCA Professional Accountants.”
“The workshop emphasised the seven quotients that every graduate needs in becoming a successful professional accountant of the future. These include; technical skills and ethics, intelligence, creative, digital, emotional intelligence, vision and experience.”
Students that attended the workshop came from different universities and Approved Learning Partners (ALPs). To be selected, students had to undergo a stringent selection process which included being nominated by ACCA’s ALP, writing a 100 word application about why they should be selected, obtaining reference and recommendation letter and undertaking a 360 degree evaluation interview.
As a finale to the Talent Development Workshop, ACCA Malaysia also organised a Career Day on 25th November 2017 at Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur for all ACCA students, presenting them with valuable employment opportunities. The Career Day was attended by more than 150 ACCA students. They were interviewed by ACCA Approved Employers namely the Big 4, BDO, Baker Tilly, Grant Thornton, Mazars, Morison AAC, HLB Ler Lum, CAS International and UHY.